Choice Cuts


  • 1. Cowboy In Flames
  • 2. Take Me To The Fires
  • 3. Harm’s Way
  • 4. Pigsville
  • 5. Plenty Tough Union Made
  • 6. White Lightning
  • 7. Walking On Hell’s Roof
  • 8. Do You Think About Me?
  • 9. Red Brick Wall
  • 10. Fox River
  • 11. See Willy Fly By
  • 12. Baba O’Riley

Volume One Covers Wacos releases through Electric Waco Chair

Volume Two coming in 2014

A rousing 12 pack of songs from a band not unfamiliar with 12 packs.  This is one helluva party platter packed with classic singalong athems from their first 5 albums + their infamous Who cover.  Hydrate, people.  Hydrate.


We’re all busy folks, right?  You’re busy, we’re busy…

You ain’t got time to dig into some of our artists’ vast catalogs—it’s confusing, intimidating and time-consuming, and we ain’t got time to answer the phone calls and emails asking “no, seriously, what are the BEST songs by the band?”  These calls and emails cut into our nap time, and we get cranky without our naps.

Thus, we’re launched CHOICE CUTS: a series of digital only releases wherein we take the best of the best and put them in one handy place for you.  12 tracks from all albums and compilations, painstakingly culled using Bloodshot’s Kwality Kalculator Algorithms (pat. pending).   All killer, no filler, as they say.

Get to know music by an artist you’ve never heard of, or get a dozen primo tunes from an existing fave all in one handy dandy place and at one friendly price.

Veröffentlicht in CDs.

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