Lyrics … To The Last Dead Cowboy

To sweet to die to the devil and all his cockroaches we’ll raise our glass today but before we sip this poisened wine we will kneel and pray that bastard says come and get it the drugs and the money’s right here but where was he when I needed him downtown drinking beer oh we’re […]

Lyrics Waco World

PIGSVILLE have you ever been to pigsville, honey? listened to cold water in the mountains of steel shavings did you get drunk at the wheelhouse, honey? stealing fifths of whiskey when you thought noone was listening nothing you’ve done to feel ashamed of have you ever been to pigsville, honey? like you did someething evil […]

Lyrics Cowboys in Flames

SEE WILLY FLY BY In this suburb of Babylon, they don’t like to wait They kill the messenger ‘cos the message was late Kill the child starving at the gate Predicting the rain of the state See Willy fly by, in the by and by In the never you mind, in the wait and see […]