The Waco Bros:……THEY’RE BAAAAAACK…..

“In a world of overly serious, self-righteous post-modern country-rock dweebs, the Waco Brothers are a blast of fresh air. While other rockers approach country with tip-toe-through-the holy-classics restrain, the Waco Brothers do a shit-kick dance right through the music’s past.” Guitar World

Just when you thought it was safe to like tepid country rock crapola and third-rate, angst-ridden indie posturing again, your comrades at Chicago’s own Bloodshot Records — the nation’s sole purveyors of Insurgent Country music — are here to give you what you really need: a careening three-chord frontal assault, devilishly gleeful “fuck-it-all” delivery, glorious, down-in-flames, beer-logic despair, and a heart of solid coal. Ladies and germs!

Presenting — Do You Think About Me — the new cd from THE WACO BROTHERS.

When we last heard from the Wacos, they were swinging a “Nine Pound Hammer” on Bloodshot’s Straight Outta Boone County compilation in the company of Robbie Fulks, Hazeldine and Holler, to name a few. Now the cheese stands along — witness ten all new-songs that piss on and subsequently blur the lines between punk and country. From the horn-driven album-opening title number (call it “Exile on Waco Street”), to the blitzkrieg cover of Neil Young’s “Revolution Blues” (they ain’t called the Waco Brothers for nothin’), to weaving, whiskey-addled waltzes and swinging, spooky-ass barnburners –Do You Think About Me is guaranteed to rock the union hall. Some of these tracks are spilt-over from the acclaimed To The Last Dead Cowboy and Cowboy in Flames sessions - songs too good to die — and be sure to listen out for our old pal Tom Ray of The Bottle Rockets whomping the double bass on a few songs. All together its 31 minutes of Waco greatness — where country spirit beats the hell out of country form –

Introducing the hardest drinking men in show business:
Jon Langford (Mekons), Steve Goulding (Mekons, Poi Dog, Rumour), Dean Schlabowske (Wreck), Mark Durante (KMFDM, RevCo), Alan Doughty (Jesus Jones), and Tracey Dear (world’s greatest living Englishman).

Do You Think About Me delivers a swift kick in the bread basket to the chickenshit and complacent, and serves as a moral centerpiece for the whole Insurgent Country movement. Keep ahead of the mounting, smoldering wreckage and don’t let the revolution pass you by…

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