There’s a new blog in town!

Welcome to the new Waco Brothers www home. I launched this site just a short while ago - and hope it’s an improvement to the old one which got terribly lousy over the years.


  • Kim says:

    This looks great!!!

  • Wacoites - It hard road here in Tulsa. We could use everyones support.


    p.s. Jon i have yr paper.

  • Tyreen Reuter says:

    Hello Mr. Langford,

    The infamous Steve Reuter and I are planning a trip to Chicago this summer along with our wee little offspring… and perhaps a grandma in tow. We’re hoping to catch some shows out that way… any possibility the Wackos (uh, I mean Wacos) will be playing the week of July 27, or thereabouts?

    Sincerest regards,
    Tyreen Reuter

    P.S. I actually lived in Waco for a spell as a youngin’… but I sadly have no brothers.

  • jpj says:

    Could use a little help with setting up a fundraising gig. We’re fighting a factory farm–the state’s biggest dairy–and need money, sad to say–to retain our lawyers’ services. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for all of the years of outstanding music. You’ve got a lot of heart, and an uncanny knack for staying interesting and keeping us hitched to whatever ride you take us on, be it Mekon, Three Johns or Waco. Take care.–jpj

  • Andy says:

    Hey fellas: so I saw you for the first time at the Hideout/Bloodshot street party the other weekend, and I have not been able to get “Walkin on Hell’s Roof” out of my head–one live listen was all it took for that song to stick. I’m hoping to get the band (all fans of yours, btw) to work up a cover your tune. I’m stuck on a lyric though, and thought I’d turn to its creator for a little assistance: “In the ___ and ___ and the miles per hour/Keeping out of reach of the higher power” ????
    –Cheers, Andy

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