Bad Times b/w The Harder They Come

Bloodshot WBS003
Hard Country supergroup consisting of Jon Langford (Mekons). Steve Goulding (Graham Parker Poi Dog, Mekons), Tom Ray (Bottle Rockets). and Tracy Dear (the world’s greatest living Englishman). Includes their two fisted ode to our country’s political and moral decline. their blazing rendition of Jimmy Cliff’s country anthem. and some fairly twisted label art (let’s just say it involves Newt Gingrich’s open casket). Comes in a delightfully distinctive peek-a-boo die cut sleeve which sports some Langford artwork. Fondly remembers our country’s political jerk to the right in ‘94 Go to the top

Limited Edition!!! Go to the topFormat:Go to the top45


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  • The harder they come, Rerelease on: Makin Singles - Drinking Doubles, Blodshot 100, Dec 2002
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